Hellboy and His Golden Army Make The Crow Say a Wicked Prayer – Double Edged Double Bill Episode 156

Folks, it’s a very special episode of Double Edged Double Bill. Adam and Thomas are celebrating three years of double featuring on the show! So, they’re recruiting fellow ESO Network podcaster Mike Gordon of Earth Station One to join them. Specifically, all three are talking about comic book adaptations that aren’t based on Marvel or DC properties! First, Guillermo del Toro’s return to Hellboy and the other Mike Mignola characters in Hellboy II: The Golden Army! Then, Edward Furlong dons iconic make up using a sharpie in the sequel no one wanted The Crow: Wicked Prayer! Together, our trio answers the crucial questions. Are humans really all that good to creatures? Why are we getting crows and ravens confused? What two films will they choose for next week’s episode on Dreamworks Animation? Well, tune in for all this and a brand new segment to find out!

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